Ben Kassoy


“Old Bus,” A Video About My Career As a Child Actor (2019)



Katie Couric Interview for (2018)



Interview with "Miss Manhattan Hangs Out" (2018)

When I arrive at Louie & Chan on the Lower East Side, Ben Kassoy is already downstairs. This cocktail area that’s typically… Read More



Interview With "after words" Project (2018)

My full-time job is stable and consistent, collaborative, and social justice-focused; my freelance work ebbs and flows…Read More



Interview on Read it Forward podcast (2018) (begins at 28:00)



Interview on This Makes Me Happy podcast (2016)

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TEDx Talk at City College (2016)



Keynote at Bexley High School Graduation (2015)



Raising America Interview With Dr. Drew on HLN (2013)



Intel Photoshoot (2013)